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Articles & Documents

Articles by Tom Rancich

Teaching Excellence - Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, Apr 1996
When U.S. Naval Special Warfare forces train host-nation personnel in riverine and jungle warfare and other defense missions, they support U.S. foreign policy goals, increase their own combat readiness, and help build forces in friendly nations that are valuable contributors to their respective governments.

Recollections and Cross Connections - Dutchess Magazine, Mar 1997
Tom Rancich sent in these musings on Dutchess County and elsewhere from the USS Enterprise somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. "I hope people will enjoy my small tribute to the Hudson Valley," writes Navy SEAL Rancich. The tribute speaks for itself.

Combating TerrorismCombating Terrorism - Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, Nov 2000
As the United States makes itself less vulnerable to conventional attack, our enemies will seek unconventional means to strike us-as the attack on the Cole (DDG-76) has shown. But the chances for success against terrorism are excellent, if the Navy has the right preparation and resolve.

A debt of memory to brothers and sisters, gratefully paid - The Martha's Vineyard Times, 26 May 2005
Thoughts on Memorial Day.

Articles about Tom Rancich

Hell WeekHell Week - The Commandos, 1992
Book Excerpt: The trials and training of Navy SEALs, among the toughest of US special operations forces, reported by a Newsweek correspondent who went along. Lieutenant Rancich was featured in the article.

Rescued Turned Rescuer - The Virginian Pilot, 4 Sep 1997
A year ago, Thomas C. Rancich, a Navy SEAL, was rescued from the waters of the Persian Gulf when the helicopter he was in crashed. This year, his training helped him save the life of a little girl.

Terrorist Predictions Before USS Cole - Baltimore Sun, 2001
Post-Cole article talks about predictions and recommendations by Rancich that were ignored.

Fighting TerrorismFighting Terrorism - Syracuse University Magazine, Jun 2001
Syracuse University honors alumni Rancich with a photograph and brief article.

Bronze Star to ex-resident of Red Hook - Daily Freeman, 23 May 2005
Interview with Tom Rancich talks about his reasons for joining the service and describes the actions for which he was awarded a Bronze Star.

Rancich '80 Awarded Bronze StarRancich '80 Awarded Bronze Star - 28 May 2005
Text of the citation presented by Admiral V.E. Clark of the United States Navy to Thomas Rancich 80 on behalf of President George W. Bush.

New Small Business Employs Disabled VeteransNew Small Business Employs Disabled Veterans - The Construction Zone, Jan 2008

Court Documents

In late 2004, Lt. Commander Thomas Rancich was called to testify as an expert witness in a case against the Department of Homeland Security. The following affidavit consititutes his testimony in the case. The memorandum is a response to a defense motion to exclude his affidavit.

Affidavit of Thomas Rancich - 2004
Presents Rancich's qualifications and background information on terrorist goals and methods. Analyzes the Lake Champlain ferries, their specific vulnerabilities to terrorist attacks, and how passenger search protocols may or may not be effective in preventing incidents.

Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Strike Affidavit of Thomas Rancich - 2005
Reiterates and expands on Rancich's qualifications, and rebuts several arguments made by the Dept. of Homeland Security against Rancich's Affidavit.

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