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Sunday, July 15, 2007

For The Courage

I have decided to post a manuscript which I completed in 2003. It is Titled "For The Courage of The Founders" and intends to be a discussion on the strategic shortfalls of the then (2003) current Global War On Terror (GWOT). I was unable to get it published, with the reasons running from "to controversial" to "to confrontational". However, in the past four years, it seems that two things have begun to occur--people are beginning to see the true cost of poor strategy and items in the manuscript are actually happening. So, I thought I might as well at least get it out into the media in some fashion.

A bit about the inspiration. I had just returned from commanding combat troops in Afghanistan and had thought I was pretty slick. I then visited the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The opening 16 minute multi-media presentation left me in tears. Those were people with Courage and Vision. I left the NCC with a much better understanding, I felt, of what it really took to create the United States.

Since I began working in Combating Terrorism at the Policy Level, I had felt that we were 1) Missing the point and 2) Failing to develop a strategy that put terrorism in proper context. My visit to the NCC allowed those misgivings and seven years of work in the field to coalesce into what would become "For The Courage of The Founders". It is not about personal safety, wealth or glory. It is not about persuading everyone you are right. It is about creating strategic parameters that will ensure not "what" will happen, but rather "how" things will happen--so that a country of law will have an opportunity to prosper.

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