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Curriculum Vitae - Thomas Rancich

Tom Rancich being presented with the Bronze Star

Owner, VRHabilis: VRHabilis stands for Veteran Run Work (habilis being the Latin root for work). It is a service disabled veteran owned small business, owned and managed by former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Special Warfare and Deep Sea Diving professionals. VRHabilis provides military range management,remediation and emergency response. It also provides a venue, through the use of adaptive technology, for disabled veterans to compete for government contracts.

Owner, Off-Shore Consulting: Off-Shore provides professional advice on leadership, team building, program development and strategic vision. Off-Shore also provides antiterrorism and security recommendations, specifically with regard to regulatory compliance, efficient program implementation and effective strategy development.

Associate, Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism: Provides instruction on combating terrorism strategy, seminar guidance and primary source information to this ground-breaking multidisciplinary institute for higher learning and research.

Director and Technical Committee Member, Emergency Film Group: Provides strategic planning and policy guidance to the Chief Executive Officer of the Emergency Film Group. Provides technical guidance for relevant film and print products.

Education/Security Clearance

Masters of Business Administration, William & Mary University 2001
Bachelor of Arts, Syracuse University 1984

Top Secret/Special Compartmented Information

Significant Events

Bronze Star for action as Commander NAVSOF Afghanistan, 2005
Navy Lead for Maritime Homeland Security Program Development, 2001
Established William and Mary Executive MBA Mentorship Program, 2001
AFCEA Antiterrorism Panelist, 2001
Literary Excellence Award, USNI/Surface Navy Association, 2000
DoD Individual Innovative Antiterrorism Award Nomination, CLF, 1999
Established Commander Atlantic Fleet's Antiterrorism Program, 1998

Military Experience

During a 20 year career in the Navy, including thirteen years as a Special Warfare Officer (SEAL), I was assigned to positions of increasing responsibility in combat operations, foreign relations and areas concerning strategic planning, management and international diplomacy. Though impossible to cover the hundreds of successful missions and projects, the following examples are offered.

Director, Combating Terrorism Warfare Innovation Development Team – On September 11, 2001, the Navy’s premier future concepts think tank, the Naval Warfare Development Command, stood up the Combating Terrorism Warfare Innovation Development Team. I directed the activities of this group to include developing the framework to consider the Navy’s role in the National Strategic Global War on Terror, conducting the first Naval Psychological Operations (psyop) Warfare symposium to develop a Naval Psyop architecture and defining appropriate roles and missions for the Naval Force in the GWOT, both at present and in the future.

Commander Naval Special Operations Forces Afghanistan - Planned and led combat campaigns during Operation Enduring Freedom. I was assessed as a "courageous combat leader" for operations to include the capture of Al Qaeda operatives, destruction of illicit weapons and strategic reconnaissance of contested regions.

Expeditionary Antiterrorism Officer - Selected, due to acknowledged strategic vision, to lead the Commander Atlantic Fleet's antiterrorism effort and program development. Responsible for all phases (planning, procurement, funding, training, equipping) of the (then) new antiterrorism effort.

SEAL Platoon Commander - Led deployments to countries in South America to conduct nationally sensitive foreign internal defense missions to include training in leadership, human rights, and operations.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer in Charge - Developed and led the primary Chemical/ Biological/ Special Situation Response Detachment during Operation Desert Storm.

Surface Warfare Officer - Command Duty Officer, Officer of the Deck, Deck Division Officer, Damage Control/Repair Leader for 26,500 ton, 500' underway replenishment ship

Qualifications - Naval Special Warfare Officer (Navy SEAL, 1130), Navy Surface Warfare Officer (1110), Naval Special Operations Officer (1140), Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, Basic Diving Officer, Naval Parachutist, Special Operations Freefall Parachutist

Consulting Experience

I translate the extensive experience I have gained in sensitive military operations to help people and organizations meet their goals. Initially, I used my skill and knowledge in bomb disposal and foreign engagement to assist non-profit mine clearance efforts. I have since migrated to leadership, business strategy and team building, though I continue to work to help people and businesses cope with terrorism. The strength of my consultancy is a diversity which enables me to clearly define challenges, understand multiple view points and plot a viable course to achieve success. Representative examples follow.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Maui - In January 2009, I was the keynote speaker for the yearly meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. I was chosen because of my SOF background to speak to the attendees about optimizing performance, persevering, teamwork, and goal accomplishment. It was an enormous success, giving the surgeons an insight into how excellence in another sphere works.

The Steam Ship Authority, Antiterrorism - I originally approached the SSA with a pro-bono offer to conduct a vulnerability assessment to help them understand the complex environment of international terrorism. I provided cost efficient and viable recommendations to maintain safe operations while optimizing current systems/personnel and minimizing customer inconvenience. (This effort was separate and not reflected by the security proposal recommended to the SSA board and customers.)

Perfect Pushup, Strategy/Business Development - Worked with senior management to develop a business plan and an organizational strategy through the start up of this innovative fitness firm. I was subsequently retained as a board member and mentor to the CEO. In 2007, their product, the Perfect Pushup, was the top selling piece of exercise equipment in such varied venues as Walmart, Target, GNC and the Amazon online marketplace.

MIT Sloan Business School, Leadership and Ethics - Senior staff at Sloan recognizes the value of leadership experience in ambiguous environments. At the behest of Mr. Don Davis, former CEO of Stanley Works, I have lectured on that topic, and the ethics involved, to their prestigious "Leaders for Manufacturing" Masters program since 2001.

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Team Development - Faced with rising insurance costs and increasingly complex inter-personnel/personal relationships, Brigham and Women’s Chief of Obstetrics asked me to assess and speak on the utility of creating a highly functioning team environment in a medical facility. I was asked to be a Grand Round lecturer and provided innovative team building advice and strategy to the esteemed doctors, nurses and staff of the OBGYN department, thus catalyzing a successful team building effort.

University of Alaska at Fairbanks – In the fall of 2007, I was asked to lead a week-long organizational behavior workshop for the University of Alaska, resulting in a much more efficient and introspective professional organization.

Non-Profit Experience

Chairman, Martha’s Vineyard Chapter of the American Red Cross - Elected by esteemed colleagues to lead the local chapter of the American Red Cross at a complex and critical time. Established and executed a strategic plan to consolidate with another local chapter to form a stronger more viable local presence.

Published Work

"Combating Terrorism," Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, November 2000
"Recollections and Cross Connections," Dutchess Magazine, Spring 1997
"Teaching Excellence," Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute, April 1996

Pre-published Work

For the Courage of the Founders, Non-fiction, Strategy, 2003
Enemy Course of Action, Fiction, Military/international thriller, 2007

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