"Time and again we find ourselves having to look through the eyes of men instinctively alert to the weaknesses of others...

Tom Rancich in Deh Rawood, Afghanistan

who can find within themselves and put to work the crucial difference of speed, leverage, needlelike penetration, and means of destruction, who seek to command men of solely proven superior prowess rather than of birth or background, who expect them to demand and be able to handle the truth."
To Dare and to Conquer, Derek Leebaert

The brain behind those eyes knows that weakness is relative—Special Operators know how to build strength and to maximize the intellectual and physical attributes of an organization. The Special Operator sees what is not there and plans to trivialize obstacles that are. Precision analysis, honest assessment, specific capability design, and flawless execution are the trademark of Special Operations—and precisely what I will deliver to your organization or project.

» For the Courage of the Founders:

How a lack of strategic courage and vision threatens to destroy the United States. Read the book and then join the discussion.

» Off-Shore Consulting: Special Operations Expertise

Off-Shore Consulting: Special Operations Expertise

- Leadership
- Team Building
- Strategy Development
- Unconventional Approaches
- Infrastructure Development
- Life Coach
- Legal
- Research
- Production Support
- Speaker

» Off-Shore Consulting: Combating Terrorism

Off-Shore Consulting: Combating Terrorism- Compliance
- Assessments
- Thought Leader

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